"Doing Business Texas Style" 2021 Spot Bid Fair for HUB Business

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Doing Business Texas Style
2021 Spot Bid Fair for HUB Business

Why Your CSU Should Participate:

The annual Spot Bid Fair provides a forum for HUB and small business to compete for your business. Participation supports UT's commitment to creating a fair and open competitive market to create equal opportunity for HUB businesses to supply the goods and services needed to support the mission of the university.

Additionally, your CSU will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of UT's HUB Office, save time as they perform the search and vetting process for you, and minimize your administrative overhead as the HUB Office performs some of the upfront processing on your behalf.


Support HUBs: Submit Your Bids

To submit your bids, please fill out the Spot Bid Fair form for each of your immediate purchasing needs. Any question should be directed to the HUB Office by emailing hub@austin.utexas.edu.

Bids should be one-time purchases and should not exceed university delegated purchasing authority for commodities ($50,000) or services ($100,000).

The deadline to submit for the Spot Bid Fair is May 14th, 2021.


Beyond the Bid Fair: Connect with Us

While the Spot Bid Fair happens once per year, the HUB Office is here to help your CSU locate a HUB vendor for your purchasing needs year-round. Even if your bid is not awarded at the fair, or if the deadline for submission has passed, the HUB Office will still work to connect you with a vendor and help with the purchasing process.

Please help the HUB Office grow the number of contracts awarded to HUB and small business vendors year-round by educating your buyers and decision­ makers on HUB vendors and by reaching out to the HUB Office whenever you have a large purchasing need.