Small Business Program

The University of Texas at Austin's Master Small Business Contracting Plan includes small businesses (SB), veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB), service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses (SDVOSB), historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses (SDB) including historically black colleges and universities and minority institutions (HBCU/MIs), and women-owned small businesses (WOSB).

Goals for SB, VOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone, SDB, HBCU/MI, and WOSB will be developed for each solicitation expected to exceed $700,000. Goals for each solicitation will also include a description of the principal products and services to be acquired from each of the small business entities. Qualified SB, VOSB, SDVOSB, HUBZone, SDB, HBCU/MI, and WOSB firms shall be used to meet program goals whenever possible. For assistance with developing small business goals for our solicitation visit The University of Texas at Austin Small Business Subcontracting Detailed Procedures For Federal Contracts.

If, as a business owner, you are interested in learning more about federal contracting opportunities with the university and if your company qualifies under any of the federal contracting designations, visit the Small Business Administration’s website “Resources for Small Businesses.” You can also review the university’s established small business goals or the Individual Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Exhibit 1) document, or the Small Business Plan Worksheet.